Obfuscator Free

Some things to consider before using Obfuscator Free and Pro

GUI: If you work with the old Gui, the ‘OnGUI’ method, in MonoBehaviour’s you can skip this part. But if you work with the new Gui system please keep reading. The new Gui systems connects the Gui and and its functionality through the editor. Here you see some Canvas and a Button. The button has an OnClick Component. There you can connect an MonoBehaviour method with the button’s ‘on click’ event. Unity saves this connection intern, where the obfuscator has…

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What is Obfuscator Free?

Obfuscator Free is a obfuscator developed for the Game Engine Unity3D. Obfuscator Free is a tool to obfuscate Types, Fields, Methods, …. It will give them new unhuman readable names to make it difficult for reverse engineers to copy or modify your source code. Obfuscator Free supports: Type obfuscation Field obfuscation Property obfuscation Event obfuscation Method obfuscation Parameter obfuscation Attribute obfuscation Unity custom techniques like ‘SendMessage’ … Unity Multiplayer techniques like ‘RPC’/’CMD’ … Obfuscator Free does not support: Namespace obfuscation…

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What is a Obfuscator?

Obfuscation¬†is known in software developing. It describes an intentionally change of source code, to make it unhuman readable. The original source code is not retrievable. The goal ob obfuscation is it, to increase the effort of reverse engineering. To make the stealing of changing of source code more difficult up to impossible. This means for script languages that the source code direct will get unrecognizable. For compiled source code, like the Assemblies in Unity, the source code will get obfuscated…

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OrangePearSoftware is a business, settled in Germany, developing Security and Protection software for the Unity3D Engine.