Anti Cheat

Anti Cheat



You built your awesome game and want to protect it against cheating without modifing your whole game code?

For this Anti Cheat got developed.
Anti Cheat protects automatically the most sensitive parts of your game against cheating. Just build your game normally and Anti Cheat does the rest!

What are these automatically protection features you speak of?
– Memory Protection:
Protect values of int, float, string, …, Vector2, …, Quaternions against modifying!

– Player Prefs Protection:
Protect content of the PlayerPrefs against modifing!

– Time Protection:
Protect against speed hacking. Pausing, Slowing or Speedup!

You do not want your game get automatically get protected?
No Problem!
Just have a look at the ReadMe and Demos and you can protect your game by yourself in seconds.

But how to catch the cheater? And not only prevent against cheating?
Anti Cheat gives you four detectors:
– Speed Hack Detector:
Lets you detect if some player is speed hacking!
– Time Hack Detector:
Lets you detect if some player cheats on its computer time!
– Field Hack Detector:
Lets you detect if some player tries to modify the game memory!
– Assembly Injection Detector (Only for standalone):
Lets you detect if some player places assemblies in your game directory and tries to inject code in your game assemblies!

If you have any question, just do not be afraid to ask!

Supports Unity 5, 2017 and 2018

Supported Platforms: Standalone, Android, IOS, Consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Switch)

Supported BuildTypes: Mono and IL2CPP

OrangePearSoftware is a business, settled in Germany, developing Security and Protection software for the Unity3D Engine.