LicenceMe allows you to manage game or application licensing by yourself, making you independent of selling platforms.

You obtain the possibility to solve the three common licencing questions (and even more):

– How to create and validate product keys? (Like: SJJDNK-KT6NL4-2RE7DH-NSCYZY)

– How to create and validate trials or demos?

– How to create and validate device or company fixed licences?

But how does LicenceMe do this?

It combines two methods: Partial Key Validation (PKV) (commonly used in the game industry to create product keys) and RSA (an asymmetric encryption / decryption algorithm).

PKV gives you the opportunity to create product keys and simple condition based product keys, for example username/email/… depending.

The RSA encryption allows you to create trials/demos or complex condition based licences (for example device/company/… depending),
by repacking and encrypting the PKV created product key.

But why RSA and not AES?

AES is a symmetric encryption technique. Means, you encrypt and decrypt with the same key.

To create a client side validation, the game / application you deploy to client needs for validation this key.

This is not what you want!

RSA is a asymmetric encryption technique. Means, the server (you) encrypt the product key, with the private key. And the client uses the public key to decrypt the product key.

So the client is not able to create keys by himself even if he searchs deeply through your application, he can only decrypt a product key and use it for validation.

So using RSA allows you to validate client and/or server side.

You said at the beginning ‘even more’?

Product keys can not only be used, like the name says, to validate products (applications), they can be used to validate what is validateable. Include coupons in your ingame / gift shop? No problem.

How to increase security by yourself?

Use code obfuscation and IL2CPP.

Obfuscation makes your sourcecode mostly unreadable for attackers.

IL2CPP compiles manged code to unmanaged code, making it harder to modify application assemblies.

Supports Unity 5 and 2017 and 2018


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