Obfuscator Free

Obfuscator Free



Obfuscator Free is developed to increase software and game security especially for
games build with Unity3d. It feature is to obfuscated built dotNet assemblies, like assembly-csharp and assembly-unityscript for Windows/Mac/Linux Standalone Games and embedded Systems like Android/IPhone Games.
Obfuscator Pro considers specific Unity features, like MonoBehaviour, NetworkBehaviours, Serialization, Reflection, and so on, to allow a easy and out of the box working obfuscator.

Obfuscator Free features reachs from simple renaming:
– Classes
– Fields
– Propertys
– Events
– Methods

Up to Method content obfusaction.

For more general informations about Obfuscator read here.

How does Obfuscator Free works?

Obfuscator Free does it work after you built your game. It modifies the build assemblies (*.dll files) in a way, that make it unhuman readable.

Image 1

Here you see an example (Image 1), where the tool ILSpy opens a build Unity game assembly. You can see the whole source. All Classes, Methods and its body, fields, propertys….

Image 2

Obfuscator Free now helps here to protect your code. It modifies your build Code in such a way, that it gets unhuman readable (Image 2).


Obfuscator Free supports:

  • Type/Class obfuscation
  • Field obfuscation
  • Property obfuscation
  • Event obfuscation
  • Method obfuscation
  • Parameter obfuscation
  • Attribute obfuscation
  • Unity custom techniques like ‘SendMessage’ …
  • Unity Multiplayer techniques like ‘RPC’/’CMD’ …

Obfuscator Free does not support:

  • Namespace obfuscation
  • MonoBehaviour obfuscation
  • NetworkBehaviour obfuscation
  • String obfuscation
  • Random code
  • Make classes unreadable

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • IPhone
  • WebGL
  • Facebook
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • UWP

Supported Assemblies:

  • DotNet
  • IL2Cpp

If you like more advanced protecting have a look here!

OrangePearSoftware is a business, settled in Germany, developing Security and Protection software for the Unity3D Engine.