OrangePearSoftwares Serialization is specially designed for your demands on Unity3D.

Designed in a way to be:
– Easy to use and precise: Serialize only what you need!
– Very fast: Up to 5 times faster than ProtoBuf-Net!
– Small space: At least 3 times smaller than Json!
– Security: Easy and fast encrypt and decrypt able.
– Compress: Used space is still too much? Activate auto compression!
– Extendable: Create easily custom serialization components to serialize/deserialize the most complex classes.
– Obfuscate able: Serialization and Obfuscation? Always a problem. But not anymore with OrangePearSoftwares Serialization.

Is this the right product for you?

If you want to store data: Yes!
If you want to share data over the network: Yes. Especially for multiplayer games!
If you want to create complex save systems: Yes. Creating an RTS game save system? No problem!
If you want a one click software to save whole scenes or gameobjects: No. Then you should use a software like: Easy Save from Moodkie

So this asset gives you a powerfull tool to serialize and deserialize fast and space saving complex objects.

To give you a fast start, three well documented demos are within the
package, containing all important informations and examples.

If you have any question, just do not be afraid to ask!

Supports Unity 5, 2017 and 2018

Supported Platforms: Standalone, Android, IOS, UWP, Consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Switch)

Supported BuildTypes: Mono and IL2CPP


Online Documentation and Tutorials

OrangePearSoftware is a business, settled in Germany, developing Security and Protection software for the Unity3D Engine.