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In the Obfuscator Settings you can customize the obfuscation process. You can find the Obfuscator Settings at Unity Editor->Window->Obfuscator Settings. After opening the settings you see four tabs.

In the general tab you can configure the base elements of the obfuscation:

  • Pro: Obfuscate assemblies defined through Assembly Definiton Files and External assemblies.
  • Activate or deactivate obfuscation of the five core componentes (Class/Method/Field/Event/Property).
  • Skip the obfuscation of whole namespaces or obfuscate only specific namespaces.

The Advanced allows you to precise define how the five core components shall get obfuscated. Additionally you can make you custom Attributes behave like the DoNotRenameAttribute.

Further an important part is the mapping. The renaming mapping stores how your application got obfuscated and through loading it can be used to obfuscate in the same way again.

The Security tab is only available for Obfuscator Pro.

  • Obfuscate Strings
  • Add Random code to you application
  • Make the Application unreadable for common decompiler.

The Addon tab is a work in process feature. An addon can be used to skip the obfuscation of specific namespaces and customize the obfuscation. Custom addons can be included in the feature.