Obfuscator Pro is a obfuscator developed for the Game Engine Unity3D. Obfuscator Pro is a tool to obfuscate Namespace, Types, Fields, Methods, …. and Unity specific techniques. It will give them new unhuman readable names to make it difficult for reverse engineers to copy or modify your source code. Additionally advanced obfuscator techniques will be used to make your Game more save. Like String obfuscation, random code, and unreadable classes.

Obfuscator Pro supports:

  • Namespace obfuscation
  • Type obfuscation
  • Field obfuscation
  • Property obfuscation
  • Event obfuscation
  • Method obfuscation
  • Parameter obfuscation
  • Attribute obfuscation
  • Unity custom techniques like ‘SendMessage’ …
  • Unity Multiplayer techniques like ‘RPC’/’CMD’ …
  • MonoBehaviour obfuscation
  • NetworkBehaviour obfuscation
  • String obfuscation
  • Random code
  • Make classes unreadable
  • Getting access to the Obfuscator Source Code, to create custom “Addons” and you can be sure, nothing that will harm you/your Game or your Players will get added to your Game through .dll based Obfuscator.

The idea of Obfuscator Pro is, to give you a advanced obfuscator for games that need strong protection.